My Experience with Q Sciences and Why I Love It.

I am aware I am giving an intro to a video, which seems needless, but even putting this up here is as spontaneous as the video was.  It was a live video I did in a private Facebook group for some people who were trying Q Sciences top supplement product, Q Core for 5 days.  The Core supplements contain a fully methylated multivitamin mineral complex backed by $25M in third party clinical research in mental health, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Uncontrollable Anger & Traumatic Brain Injury, amongst others.  It also contains an anti-inflammatory complex as well as a double encapsulated timed release probiotic.  All pretty phenomenal stuff… powered by nanotechnology (teeny tiny particles that anyone can absorb because they are individually chelated and bound to an amino acid).  I’ll leave it there… but I wanted to have this somewhere solid I could share.  You can message me here if you have questions.

Brenna xo


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