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Intro to Quintessential Sciences

This is a bit of my backstory and how I came to be partnered with Q Sciences.  It  was a live video I did in a private 5 Day Q Core Experience Facebook group for some folks trying Q Sciences top three supplements contained in […]

My Experience with Q Sciences and Why I Love It.

I am aware I am giving an intro to a video, which seems needless, but even putting this up here is as spontaneous as the video was.  It was a live video I did in a private Facebook group for some people who were trying […]

A Healthy Start to 2021

A Healthy Start to 2021

Despite the fiasco of 2020 rolling into 2021, I am determined to move forward in health, with my head down, hands out to God and placing one foot in front of the other. Life will always give us ups and downs but we are the […]