Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

I am a certified nutrition coach offering a holistic approach to nutrition & wellness by honoring and nurturing your mind, body and spirit. Together, we will use my personal experience and expertise to give you a new relationship with food, movement, meditation, & nature that will lead you on a path toward healing & success.

As a mother of three I am constantly modeling to my children about physical and spiritual wellness, nutrition and toxins that disrupt our health. People commonly say “You are what you eat.”  There is truth to this but you are much more.  You are your spirit, your mindset, your movement, what your food eats and what you absorb, as well as what you do or don’t detoxify.  I believe in coaching the whole person with a focus on allowing the body to heal itself.  This approach often involves the removal of environmental toxins from your life as well as finding a healing diet that is right for you.  I do not primarily focus on weight loss but healing as it stems from gut health and nourishing vital organs.  Weight loss (or gain in some cases) happens as a byproduct of health.  It is the way I live and it is what I have to offer as someone who is personally experienced with autoimmune disease and gut healing.  I believe in bio-individuality, which means there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health, nutrition & wellness. You are created unique in your biological makeup and requirements. There are commonalities for sure, but everyone has their own specific nutrition and health needs as well as preferences. In life we are often building the plane as we are flying it and I believe in listening to the whole person in order to program appropriately as well as make changes along the way to best benefit you.  I believe this holistic approach to nutrition can impart hope and healing in a grace filled way.

If you would like to book a 1:1 coaching consultation, please fill out the Health Questionnaire and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Brenna May



The Nourishing Gut Reset is a 3-7 day omnivore based self-paced program that can be adapted and maintained for up to two weeks.  It is designed to help detoxify and help dramatically change your gut flora for the better. I will be releasing Paleo & Vegan Gut Reset programs soon and am working on one for Keto as well.  You may purchase the program here:

Nourishing Gut 3 Day Reset

The Nourishing Gut Reset is a 3-7 day self-paced program based around an omnivore diet.  It is designed to remove, replace and balance to dramatically benefit your gut flora and set you on a path to health.



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